September 6th - 8th, 2024

The Montana State Hemp & Cannabis Festival is a multi-day festival with camping / lodging available. Join us for a weekend of celebration!


Lolo Hot Springs

Lolo Hot Springs

Lolo Hot Springs Resort is on 125 acres of private property in the middle of the Lolo National Forest, 37 miles southwest of Missoula on Highway 12 West. The resort offers a saloon, a restaurant, RV park, natural mineral hot spring pools that heat up from 102-106 degrees, and a large outdoor pool.

Festival Grounds are across the highway in the RV park where you will find over 50 local and regional food and craft vendors, a stage filled with music and educational speakers on hemp and cannabis, a huge campground and tons of friends, new and old!

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Please help us to keep the festival a safe and fun place by being mindful of these basic rules. Be sure to keep your area clean and be respectful to your festival neighbors. A Medical Card is NOT required for admittance.

  • No Guns, Knives or Weapons
  • No Fireworks
  • No Dogs
  • No Open Fires (Unless Season Permits)
  • No Illegal Drugs or Alcohol
  • No Drones (Unless Permitted)
  • No Fighting
  • No Glass Containers
  • No Meanness
  • No Photography in Stage Area (Unless Permitted)
  • No Sale of Marijuana or Marijuana Products


As the festival approaches, we know that many of you will have tons of questions. Below we have a list of commonly asked questions and answers. If you can’t find what you are looking for here, please reach out to us!

How many people can attend with one 3 day camping pass?
One person. All tickets and camping are priced per person.

Can my band play at the festival?
Our lineup is currently full.

What will the weather be like at the festival?
We always suggest being prepared and bringing different types of clothing for that time of year. It can get cold at night and hot during the day.

What is the best time to arrive?
Festival gates are at 11:00 am on Friday. We always recommend arriving early to avoid lines and to secure a good camping spot.

When does the festival end?
Monday morning is checkout time. Music ends sunday evening.

Is the pool/hot springs included as part of my ticket price?
No, but tickets are only a few bucks.

Is there security on site?
We have our trained event staff onsite. They are very friendly and only present to ensure everyone’s safety.

How do I become a vendor?
We have application links on our vendor page.

Can I sell or vend items in the parking lot or campground?
No. Vending is only permitted by vendors that have payed and secured a space within the venue.

I am a photographer/media and would like to cover the event. How do I get credentials?
Media/press passes are available at the main ticket booth.

Are there single day passes available?
Yes, we have many levels of tickets available on our website tickets page.

Where can I purchase tickets?
Tickets and camping passes are available at www.montanastatehempfest.com.

How do I receive my tickets after my purchase?
Your tickets are emailed to you in printable form. They must be printed and brought to the event to be scanned. You may also take a screenshot of your tickets on your cell phone.

Is there cell phone or internet service available onsite?
No. There is no cell phone or internet service available within the venue. There is a landline and limited wireless internet across the highway at the restaurant/bar.

How can I arrange to camp next to my friends if we arrive in different vehicles at different times?
We cannot guarantee camp spot placement near each other. We recommend arriving at the same time if you plan to camp together.

What if my printed tickets are lost or damaged?
You may reprint your tickets from your original email. Scan-able codes are only valid once per ticket.

Can I give my tickets to a friend or sell them to another party?
Yes. Tickets are physically transferable.

What can I bring into the venue?
We have a list of allowed items on our rules page.

Do I have to have a medical marijuana card to attend?
No. All are welcome to attend and enjoy the festival.

Are e-cigs or vape pens allowed?
Smoke em if ya got em!

Can I sneak into the festival?
Many have tried, few have succeeded!

Is there a hotel or lodging nearby?
The lolo lodge is across the hwy but is currently full. There are limited cabins at the jack saloon down the road and a hotel in lolo.

Where is the main parking area?
Parking is located in the main lot of lolo hot springs and is free. we will have staff located near the road to direct traffic into the parking lot.

Can I bring a Camper or RV?
You must have purchased an RV/Camper pass to bring a Camper in the main camping field. If you bring an RV/Camper without a pass, you will not be able to park it on site.

How close are campsites to the venue?
Just a short walk over the bridge and you are in the vendor loop.

Are bicycles allowed?
Yes, bring em on! Be courteous to pedestrians.

Where is the nearest store or gas station/where can I get cell phone service?
The travelers rest is located 23 miles east of the venue on hwy 12. There is gas, c-store and cell phone service available here.

Are there showers and plumbed bathrooms?
Yes. There is one set of men’s and women’s restrooms onsite, with showers. Portable toilets and hand wash stations are located throughout the venue.

Will there be an ATM on site?
There is an ATM located across the highway at the restaurant/bar.

Is the event family friendly?
Absolutely! We pride ourselves on being a family friendly event.

Are credit/debit cards accepted at the festival?
No, there is no credit/debit card processing on site. We recommend bringing cash.

Is there fresh drinking water available onsite?

Will there be a medical tent onsite?
Yes. We will have multiple registered nurses onsite and a designated medical tent near the stage.

Is there a lost and found? Where can I check for my lost item?
We keep a lost and found bin at our festival merch booth near the stage.

What food will be available onsite?
We have a large selection of local and regional food vendors onsite. There is a restaurant across the highway.

Where can I get a drink? Is there a beer garden?
We do not sell alcohol onsite. We believe this contributes to the overall vibe of the festival. There is a bar across the highway in the restaurant.

Can I bring my dog?
We are sorry but we have a no dogs policy


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